Fr. James' Visitation

Wednesday, April 26   5:00pm

Reception of the Body in the 

Church of St. Margaret of York

Father Jan Schmidt, Presiding
Father Tim Fahey, Homilist
This liturgy, with the sprinkling rite and placing of the pall on the casket begins the solemn funeral rites celebrated for a priest.  The liturgy consists of Sung Evening Prayer with its appropriate psalms, readings and prayers, followed by visitation until 8:00pm.  The community is invited to join in the rite to pray for Fr. James and pay respect as the casket will remain closed.

Thursday, April 27 10:00am

Funeral Mass in the Church of St. Margaret of York

Archbishop Dennis Schnurr, Presiding 

Father Richard Sutter, Homilist (Friend of Fr. James)

Priests of the Archdiocese, Concelebrating

In the tradition of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati the Archbishop always presides at the funeral of his priest to honor him and his family for the sacrifice made in service to the Lord and His Church.

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