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To work toward a more just and compassionate world!

The Social Action Commission works to strengthen awareness of the social justice dimension of our Catholic faith within the St. Margaret of York  community. The Commission serves as a liaison with the Archdiocesan Office of Social Action and shares information from the Archdiocese regarding issues such as current legislation on political and social reform, the wide spectrum of respect life issues, social welfare, charitable outreach, etc.  The Commission is the umbrella for all parish outreach efforts.

As we come together in communities of faith, we believe that “the pursuit of justice and peace is an essential part of what makes a parish Catholic.  This task belongs to every believer and every parish.”  (Communities of Salt and Light, pg. 21)  We are challenged to build parishes where “our social teaching is central, not fringe; where social ministry is integral, not optional.”  (Communities of Salt and Light, pg. 4)  We are especially committed to the issues of hunger, poverty and homelessness and have a long-term commitment to serving this population through organizations such as City Gospel Mission, New Housing Ohio (Bernie's Place) and Tender Mercies.

It is our mission that every parishioner, of every age, will see social action and justice as an integral part of their faith journey, part of their baptismal responsibility.  Each year, we focus on one of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops' (USCCB) Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching.  Our focus for the 2013-2014 year is: Option for the Poor and Vulnerable.  Please join us in outreach to our community.

(Communities of Salt and Light is a pamphlet prepared by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops reflecting on the social mission of the parish.)

Social Action Commission Members
Dave Doel (Chairperson)            
Jenny Collado                           
Denise Dienger        
Pam Rezai         
Amanda Schilling       
Mary Ireton       
Gemma Steinkamp       
…and many other people both inside and outside the parish who support our outreach!