After Installation Customizations
Fixed a problem with the home page skin that stops the menu from working - Monday, June 30, 2014

Hi Mark,

Both issues have been resolved. I added the following to the Home.ascx file of the skin.


<script src="/resources/libraries/jquery-migrate/01_02_01/jquery-migrate.js?cdv=133" type="text/javascript"></script>



If you have any other ascx file that you are experiencing the same problem with, please do the same for those. Please let me know if you have any question.


Best Regards








I am still trying to finish the site on which the custom skin called SMOY is installed. Your company made the custom skin. There are two problems that I need your help with at this time.


1.       The menu does not drop open when you hover on the top level menu items. I want the menu to drop open please.

2.       I have the Live Content module on the home page and it does not pop-up like it should when this skin is applied to the page. But it does pop-up when the VASPAN skin is applied to the page. Since VASPAN is one of your skins, I hope that you will be able to figure out the difference and tell me what to do to fix it. To test this, click on the words “Catholic Church” in the “Become a Catholic” module. A floating module with dates and events should pop-up.

PreInstallation Customizations
20140616 - Disabled the registration feature to stop automated unwanted registrations.
20140616 - Disabled the registration feature to stop automated unwanted registrations. 
Added the html upgrad-in-progress file to the root folder
This file is used to notify the visitors that an upgrade is in progress. 
Added a custom registration page 
Added informational message to registration page about password length
The user gets no notice about the required length of the password while they are creating a new account. So this message was added by putting the following into the registration module header in settings:

<div style="position:absolute; left:410px;top:418px;width:160px;">(Case sensitive, 7 characters or more.)</div> 
Increased login timeout from 60 minutes to two weeks
If you don't logout, you will not need to log back in on the next visit if it is within two weeks. 
Added Normal Church-related Security Roles
All Editors, Eucharistic Adoration, Eucharistic Adoration Editors, Liturgical Ministers,Liturgical Ministers Editors, Music Ministry, Music Ministry Editors, Pastoral Council, Pastoral Council Editors, Social Ministry Editors, Youth Group, Youth Group Editors. 
Installed Cycle Carousel module for rotating images
The website for help with this module is: 
Added previewer user and Previewers Role
All pages have view permission only on the previewers role. 
Added a Stats page in Website Administration menu
Will need to be customized on each website 
Changed Host Settings, Host name and host url
Changed them to 
Email Service established for website through
This will set up this website to be able to send emails immediately. Emails will appear to come from a LetItShine address. This needs to be changed to your email account before going live so emails that are sent from this website will appear to come from your organization. 
Login Page Created
And set to be used in site settings 
Maximum Upload Filesize increased to 81920kb = 80 MB
Changed in Web.config. HTML editor may require additional settings change to implement in the editor 
Maximum Upload Sizes in Telerik RAD Increased to 80 MB
Maximum Upload Sizes in Telerik RAD Increased to 80 MB 
Allowable Filetypes Added: htm. html, wmv, wma,mp3